ELSM delivers professional services in supply chain management by developing and implementing high level solutions to improve the customer’s global value chain and give him a real competitive advantage.



ELSM believes in keeping its promises, adhering to high performance standards and continuously searching for the best solutions in respect with its customers’ values.


ELSM shows respect for each other and for cultures, customers’ values and requests.


ELSM communicates openly, accurately and with enthusiasm the possible solutions with its customers. ELSM provides reliable and relevant information about the activities and solutions in a timely, regular manner within the limits of commercial confidentiality. ELSM considers interaction important and has a positive attitude with its differents partners.


ELSM believes in continuously searching for better ways of doing things by coutinuous investment in training. ELSM believes that innovation by learning is the ultimate driver for growth and for always proposing the best solution in respect with its stakeholder’s expectations.


Business integrity

Reputation is a most valuable asset.

ELSM has high standards of business and personal ethics and follows applicable laws and regulations in the countries where ELSM operates. ELSM respects and safeguard company assets, whether tangible or intangible, including all proprietary information, intellectual property and innovative ideas. ELSM seeks business partners whose policies regarding ethical, social and environmental issues are consistent with its own.


ELSM offers a larger knowledge on organisation, business & logistic processes, SAP and barcoding systems (Radio Frequency):

● high quality of services supported by knowledge of the supply chain processes, SAP logistic modules, specific home software solution (VSDA) & continuous learning;

● high support level by business process analysis, preparation to organisation changes, integration with SAP and training & transfer knowledge to customer’s users .